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Prime Minister Package Scheme

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Prime Minister Special Package Scheme

Scheme for 6 districts of Vidarbha noticing farmers suicides.Govt. of India have sanctioned special package as a stand by to agriculture for farmers of dists. in vidarbha which indulged more suicides w.e.f. 2006-07 for 3 years. involving following Animal husbandry aspects specially for increased milk production on subsidy as per G.R. dt. 30.8.2006.

a) Induction of milk animals
This scheme is implemented for 3 years in 6 dist. which noticed more suicides in Vidarbha viz. Akola Amrawati, Yeotmal, Buldhana, Washim & Vardha. One thousand milch animals / dist/year to small & medium farmers on 50% subsidy. 2 milch animals / farmer, with calf at feet being compulsory.
Dist. level committee is formed to effect milch animal purchases through bank .
Govt. of India have made a sanctioned provision of Rs. 2700 lac w.e.f. 2006-07 to 2009-10. Provision of Rs. 2700 lac was received.
Out of this 2420.30 lac were utilized to purchase milch animals. 12408 farmers among 6 dists aforesaid dists were benefited through 21744 animals. Purchased were effected through respective Dist by Commissioners.
Similarly 633 farmers were provided with Rs. 46.24 lac on as 50% share of subsidy to construct sheds, during 2009-10 under this scheme.

b) Calf Rearing Programme
In this scheme farmers are given Rs. 20/- per day per female calf on 50% subsidy basis towards purchases of items like milk, cattle feed, medicines etc.
A provision of Rs. 657 lac was made during 2006-07 to 2009-10 for this scheme. Out of this Rs. 535.45 lac were to be given to female calves of milch animals purchased under P.M.Package on 50% subsidy basis as Rs. 20/-. /calf /day for a year. During 2006-07 to 2009-10 a total of 11803 calves were distributed a subsidy of Rs. 551.38 for rearing.

c) Providing cattle / Buffalo Breeding services.
In this scheme doorstep free breeding services are provided to breedable animals of farmers in all 6 dists of Vdarbha having ordeal of suicides. 70% breedable animals need A.I. services in these dists. A.I. work is got done by educated unemployed veterinarians in all aforesaid 6 dists. Honorarium is paid to A.I. workers as per guidelines of Govt. Selected educated unemployed vets. Are paid Rs. 450/- against per calf born (upto 3 A.I.)
A grant of Rs. 2127.31 lac is received under this scheme from central Govt. Rs. 1635.26 are spent out of this. 451800 beneficiaries are rewarded through this scheme.

D) Feed & fodder Supply to milch animal.
Rs. 1375.00 lac provision was made available during 2006-07 to 2009-10 for this scheme. Out of this Rs. 975.00 lac provision is spent.
In this scheme milch animals purchased under P.M. Package are given milk ration Grade-1 @ 25/day for a year (aprox 2-5-3-0 kg. cattle feed). 11511.615 M.Ton cattle feed is provided to 20281 milch animals distributed during 2007-08 to 2009-10. Orders for supply of cattle feed were given by Commissioner A.H. M.S. to MAIDC on rate contract.

E) Fodder Blocks Making Unit
A provision Rs. 85 lack was made in this scheme during 2006-07 to 2009-10. This grant was given for fodder block making unit to MAIDC, Mumbai 42.5 lac & Poshak arrival 42.50 lack.

F) Health care to milch animals
A provision of Rs. 36 lac was received in this scheme. Scheme was aimed
to provide health care to milch animals purchased under P.M.Packege @ Rs. 300/- per animal. Necessary medicines were purchased and handed over to Dist. Dy. Commissioners to 6 dists jeopardized by suicides by end of March 2008. Rs. 36 lac are spent under this scheme.

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