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Poultry Development

In the State of Maharashtra, there is tremendous growth in poultry sector during last 3-4 decades. As per the livestock census of 2007 poultry population of the state is 231.52 Lakh. Poultry population in the year 2005-06 was 203.12 Lakh,Out of which 30 % were of improved variety. During the year 2005-06 egg production was approximately 352 crore. It is 2.32 % more than (344 crore approximate egg production) as compared to 2004-05. There is more scope for poultry farming in the State. Maharashtra State is 5 th in egg production in India.

Due to outbreak of Bird flu in Nandurbar and Jalgaon poultry sector is adversely affected in Maharashtra State and so there is reduction in poultry population, in 18 th Livestock census as compaired to poultry population in 17 th livestock census. There is increase in number. of bird in 2007-08 by 1.72 % than year 2006-07 and increase in number. of birds in 2008-09 by 2.55 % than year 2007-08.

Map indicating the poultry population of the State w.e.f 1982 i.e.13th Livestock Census.
Statement showing the contribution of egg production from deshi and improved layer from 2006-07 to 2008-09

Year Layer Birds (Lakh) Egg production (Crore)
Deshi Commercial Deshi Commercial Total
2006-07 129.95 69.23 156.56 183.43 339.99
2007-08 130.61 70.32 159.02 186.76 345.78
2008-09 136.39 71.18 166.01 188.59 354.60

State infrastructure for Poultry Development:-

There are four Central Hatcheries in the State located at Pune, Aurangabad, Kolhapur and Nagpur respectively. Rhode Island. Red (RIR) and Black Austrolarp (BA) poultry breeds are reared at these hatcheries. These breeds are sturdy in nature and able to resist the disease pathogen as compared to other varieties of commercial poultry birds. Day old chicks and hatching eggs are supplied as per demand from poultry keepers. Commercial poultry farmers procure chicks from commercial hatcheries. But for the small farmers at village, taluka or even at district level to facilitate them the availability of improved variety of deshi chicks or hatching eggs these hatcheries are established.

There are 16 Intensive Poultry Development Blocks, namely, Solapur, Satara, Bhilvadi, Dist Sangli, Nasik, Kopargaon, Dist A.Nager, Dhule, Yeotmal, Amravati, Palghar, Dist Thane, Chiplun, Dist. Ratnagiri, Osmanabad, Ardhapur, Dist. Nanded, Beed, Parbhani in the Maharashtra State.IPD blocks procure chicks as per requirement from the concerned Central Hatchery and day old chicks and hatching eggs are supplied as per demand to the small farmers and backyard poultry keeping beneficiaries.

Poultry sector training is imparted to the small poultry owner or new poultry keepers at four central hatcheries besides Amravati,Murud,Dist Latur & Kankawali Dist Sindhudhurg. Duration of training is 15 days, one month & six months.

Under the scheme “Central Assistance to State Poultry Farm (80:20),” Govt. of India had accorded administrative sanction to 4 Central Hatcheries and 1 Duck breeding farm in the state of Maharashtra amounting to Rs. 340.00 Lakh (80% Central Share 68.00 Lakh / Institutes and 20 % State Share 17.00 Lakh per institute). Evaluation of this scheme is done by NABCONS pvt. Ltd. But their report is awaited.

For the effective implementation of the Centrally Sponsored Scheme and poultry related schemes the commissioner of Animal Husbandry has issued the guidelines to field officer vide letter dated 08.11.2005.

As per the mandate of the scheme, in addition to Rhode Island Red and Black Austrolap, CARI (Central Avian Research Institute) approved low input technology birds such as Giriraja, Vanraj and Kadaknath are reared on experimental basis in 4 Central Hatcheries and Intensive Poultry Development Blocks. From these central hatcheries and IPD Blocks day old chicks and hatching eggs are supplied to the small and marginal farmers, agriculture laborers and landless laborers according to their demand.

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