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Product Development, Quality Control, Marketing and Export Promotion

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  1. State aims at providing full infrastructural support and policy support in this regard. Co-operative sector and private sector are playing significant role in this regard. Therefore, State aims at disinvesting from public sector product development unit known as MAFCO. Increased private capital investment in product development, processing, packaging, market development, market intelligence and marketing is envisaged.
  2. State owned Quality Control Laboratory at Goregaon Mumbai for quality testing for export and import purposes will be strengthened to meet the requirement of stringent quality standards of export markets and protecting domestic consumers.
  3. Setting up of export-zones, pack houses etc by private sector initiatives for products of animal origin; such as meat and an egg is also aimed at for the purpose of export promotion.
  4. State is committed to join central government's initiatives for disease prevention, disease control, disease eradication, disease diagnosis and surveillance and creation of disease free zone including zoonotic diseases under scheme like ASCAD and FMD-CP etc.
  5. State is committed to free- market policy under WTO regime however, it will be proactive to ensure level playing ground for domestic producers in export as well as domestic market; by suitable instruments of fiscal and non-fiscal interventions.
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