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The manner of exaction of subsidy programme including the amounts allocated and details of beneficiaries of programme.

1. National Project for Cattle & Buffalo Breeding Microplan Phase-II

(2007-08 to 2012-13)

Following shall be the schemes implemented by MLDB under NPCBB.
  • Production of high pedigree bulls by providing fundamental needs to livestock farms & strengthening them.
  • Modernization of frozen semen laboratories at Pune, Aurangabad & Nagpur under the scheme of production, conservation & supply of frozen semen doses.
  • Purchases & operating of storage tanks/mobile tankers under the strengthening of LN2 storage & supply.
  • Provide A.I. services to extend the livestock production programme using the help of unemployed veterinarians.
  • Provide two wheeler mobility to A.I.Centers, Doorstep A.I. Services to farmers.
  • Modern scientific training to to A.I. officers / workers to increase conceptom rate in cows / buffaloes.
  • Sponsoring NGOs for livestock production / production of F.S.doses / Training programme.
  • Funding BAIF Pune; Goshalas, Panjarapols etc. to strengthen their F.S.Labs / Training facilities, livestock purchases etc.
  • Funding dairy co-operatives to increase livestock production facilities, farmers Training etc.