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This video is about making a Murghas

Murghas Production video 1 (109 MB) (MP4)

This video is about making bag and drum Murghas

Murghas Production in Bag and Drum Video 3 (47.5 MB) (MP4)

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Functions of Department of Animal Husbandry

  • Department of Animal Husbandry, Government of Maharashtra is basically responsible for formulation and implementation of Livestock Policy of the State. It carries out its functions through various functionaries and institutions under the Department mostly by way of implementation of various developmental activities through plan and non-plan schemes.
  • Some of the main items of its functions relate to
  • Developments & Breeding Policy for livestock and poultry.
  • Animal Health Care and Disease Control.
  • Disease Diagnosis & Surveillance.
  • Manufacturing and Supply of veterinary biological and critical inputs for Genetic Improvement Programme.
  • Quality Veterinary Education & find oriented need based Research through Maharashtra Animal & Fisheries Science University.
  • Promotion of Cooperative Poultry and Backyard Poultry and also through induction of SHGs.
  • Compilation and Analysis of Statistics.
  • Assessment of Production of animal products.
  • Feed and Fodder Development.
  • Conservation and propagation of Native Breeds.
  • Implementation of statutes and Acts relating to conservation and development of livestock.
  • Quality Control of Animal Products especially for export.