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YouTube Video

This video is about making a Murghas

Murghas Production video 1 (109 MB) (MP4)

This video is about making bag and drum Murghas

Murghas Production in Bag and Drum Video 3 (47.5 MB) (MP4)

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Silage And Moringa

SrNo Title Download
1. Silage PDF icon (Marathi) (92KB)
2. Moringa Cultivation for fodder PDF icon(Marathi) (98KB)
3. Pani Foundation - Murghas Premium Video Live on Facebook dt 27 Jan 2021 PDF icon(Marathi) (98KB)
4. Silage Baling Video click here for video
5. How to make Silage Fodder click here for video
6. Agribusiness Opportunity in silage technology click here for video
7. POCRA Murghas Information PDF icon (Marathi) (68KB)
8. Murghas Information PDF icon (Marathi) (402KB)