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This video is about making a Murghas

Murghas Production video 1 (109 MB) (MP4)

This video is about making bag and drum Murghas

Murghas Production in Bag and Drum Video 3 (47.5 MB) (MP4)

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Press Note for Bird Flu

SrNo Title Download English Download Marathi
1. Press Note date 14.03.2021

PDF icon(English) (31KB)

PDF icon(Marathi) (34KB)

Bird Flu

SrNo Title Download
1. Post operation Surveillance Plan to
to declare an area free from infection after an Avian Influenza Outbreak
PDF icon(English) (34 KB)
2. Avian Influenza Guidelines 2020 PDF icon(Marathi) (693.5 KB)
3. Revised AI Action Plan 2021 PDF icon(English) (340 MB)
4. AI Sampling Plan 2021 PDF icon(English) (235 MB)
5. Avian Influenza Surveillance Plan 2021 Revised PDF icon(English) (340 MB)
6. Donning & Removal Of PPE (MP4) PDF icon(English) (282 MB)
7. FAQ on Bird Flu PDF icon(English) (424 KB)
8. Preliminary result for AvianInfluenza samples testing at NISHAD,Bhopal PDF icon(English) ( KB)
9. Daily Report Format PDF icon(English) ( KB)
10. OIE report format Annexure I PDF icon(English) ( KB)
11 Corredcted _Sanitization Certificate Format PDF icon(English) ( KB)
12 GR- To pay compensation to the farmer/poultry Entrepreneur & expenditure on consciously
destroyed poultry, other birds, eggs and fodder in the perimeter of 1 km of affected area as a
precautionary measure under the Disease Control Program against Avian influenza(Bird Flu) Disease
and expenditure on disease control operational cost under current outbreak of bird flu that has emerged in the state
PDF icon(Marathi) ( 1837KB)
13 Bird Flu Notification PDF icon(English) ( 75KB)