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Disease Investigation Section- Pune

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About DIS


  • Animal health is the backbone of the livestock industry. Any disease outbreak leads to huge economic losses through mortality and loss of productivity. In fact, the National Commission on Agriculture was emphatic in its observation that "Livestock development programs cannot possibly succeed unless and until well-organized animal health service is built up and protection of livestock against diseases and pests, particularly against the deadly infectious one’s is assured".
  • History and Background

  • Imperial Bacteriological Laboratory was first established at Pune which was subsequently shifted to Mukteshwar in 1890. It is now known as Indian Veterinary Research Institute.
    • 1932 Disease Investigation Section was established at Bombay
    • 1947 Disease Investigation Section was shifted to Aundh, Pune & established as State level laboratory for Maharashtra State
    • 1970 Disease Investigation Started in Kolhapur as Disease Investigation Laboratory(Piggery)
    • 1972 Establishment of All India Coordinated Research Project on Foot and Mouth Disease
    • 1975 Establishment of Bacteriology & Pathology Laboratory
    • 1980 Establishment of Toxicology & Parasitology Laboratory
    • 1983 Establishment of Disease Surveillance, Cattle Diseases and Poultry Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
    • 1985 Establishment of Cell Culture Laboratory
    • 1998 Established as Regional Reference Laboratory for western region (Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Chattisgarh, Goa, Maharashtra, Div-Daman)

    Objectives of Disease Investigation Section

    • Collection of proper biological samples from outbreaks.
    • Process Material for investigation and differential diagnosis of diseases by specialists.
    • To confirm outbreaks in livestock and Poultry.
    • To advice control measures to field staff.
    • To carry out toxicological investigations and advice the field staff regarding the treatment.
    • To investigate known and unknown diseases prevailing all over the State
    • Testing of animals for a screening of livestock and poultry diseases of National importance like Tuberculosis, Johnes Disease, Brucellosis, Salmonellosis etc for systemic control of these diseases.
    • Aware Regional, District laboratories and field staff about burning problems of Livestock and Poultry by conducting seminars, training and sending circulars.
    • To impart training to officers of regional laboratories within the state and outside and also to the field veterinarians.
    • To issue animal health certificates for export of livestock and livestock products including poultry.
    • To undertake sero-monitoring of animals against certain diseases like IBR. Brucellosis, P.P.R., etc.
    • To undertake the epidemiological investigation and economic analysis of the disease outbreaks.

    Objectives of Regional Disease Diagnostic Lab(Western Zone)

    • Collection of proper biological samples from outbreaks
    • The RDDL to be designated will serve as a Regional Referral Laboratory (RRL) for

      economically important livestock diseases (bacterial, viral, parasitic) by providing diagnostic services (both primary and confirmatory) to the states of the region.
    • The RDDL will maintain a data bank on the epidemiology of the economically important diseases of the region and it will be circulated to all the states on a periodic basis.
    • The RDDL will maintain a repository of the virus; bacteria and parasitic agents isolated and make available a portion of the same for the national repository to be maintained at the National reference laboratory.
    • The RDDL will also train scientists/officers from the state diagnostic laboratories in the state of art technology and help in the transfer of technology to the state diagnostic laboratories. In addition, they will provide consultancy and expert services to the states of the region for speedy and accurate diagnosis of animal diseases.
    • Testing of animals for a screening of livestock and poultry diseases of National importance like Tuberculosis, Johnes Disease, Brucellosis, Salmonellosis etc for systemic control of these diseases.
    • A special surveillance programme is to be initiated for BSE / Scrapie as per the directions and terms of Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying, GOI. and provide the necessary information to the department

Disease Reporting System

PDF iconDisease reporting system

disease reporting system

Disease Outbreak Report

SrNo Title Download
1. Disease Outbreak Report 2002 PDF icon(English)(57.98 KB )

Monthly Forecasting Report

SrNo Title Download
1. Disease Alerts and Forecasting of Important Livestock Diseases In Maharashtra for Yr 16-17 PDF icon(Marathi)(6 MB )
2. August 2018 And September 2018(191.13KB) PDF icon(Marathi)(191KB)
3. October 2018 PDF icon(Marathi)(327KB)
4. November 2018 PDF icon(Marathi)(204KB)
5. Disease forecasting for the month of April-May 2020 PDF icon(marathi)(724KB)
6. Disease forewarning August 2020 PDF icon(Marathi)(250KB)
7. Disease forewarning for the month of September 2020 PDF icon(English)(278KB)
8. Disease forewarning October 2020 PDF icon(English)(413 KB)
9. Disease forewarning November 2020 PDF icon(English)(413 KB)
10. Disease forewarning January 2021 PDF icon(English)(413 KB)
11. Disease forewarning February 2021 PDF icon(English)(413 KB)
12. Disease forewarning March 2021 PDF icon(English)(408 KB)
13. Disease forewarningJuly 2021 PDF icon(English)(194 KB)
14. Disease forewarning August 2021 PDF icon(English)(202 KB)

Bird Flu

SrNo Title Download
1. GOI Action Plan PDF icon(English)(303KB)
2. Surveillance of Bird flu PDF icon(English)(572KB)
3. Bird flue surveillance plan 2020-21 PDF icon(English)(2 MB)

Technical Bulletins

SrNo Title Download
1. Botulism-2008-09 PDF icon(English)(164KB)
2. Mycological Examination of Feed & Fodder-2008-09 PDF icon(English)(3 MB)
3. Mansoon management for poultry farm PDF icon(Marathi)(1 MB)


SrNo Title Download
1. Information on foot & mouth disease PDF icon(English)(460 KB)
2. Information & treatment of repeat breeding in animals PDF icon(English)(4 MB)
3. Clean milk production PDF icon(English)(4MB)
4. Clinical signs & control of rabies PDF icon(English)(3MB)
5. Avian Influenza PDF icon(English)(2 MB)
6. Equine Influenza PDF icon(English)(328KB)
7. Foot and Mouth Disease PDF icon(English)(348KB)
8. Glanders PDF icon(English)(899KB)
9. Peste-des-petits in small ruminants PDF icon(English)(310KB)
10. Ranikhet Disease PDF icon(English)(281KB)
11. Swine Fever PDF icon(English)(359KB)
12. Trypanosomiasis PDF icon(English)(232KB)
13. BSE Leaflet PDF icon(English)(256KB)
14. Rabies Leaflet PDF icon(English)(892)