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This video is about making a Murghas

Murghas Production video 1 (109 MB) (MP4)

This video is about making bag and drum Murghas

Murghas Production in Bag and Drum Video 3 (47.5 MB) (MP4)

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Toll Free Number : 18002330418

" Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development Funds ( AHIDF) "

SrNo Title Download
1. Click here for AHIDF PDF icon
2. Apply for Loan-Click here for Login PDF icon
3. Implementation Guidelines-AHIDF PDF icon5.6 MB English
4. AHIDF form PDF icon48 KB English
5. List of documents required for AHIDF Loan Application Cum Interest Subvention Form PDF icon35 KB English
6. Amendment in the Implementation Guidelines of AHIDF PDF icon1015 KB English
7. AHIDF adm approval 2021-22 PDF icon144 KB English
8. AHIDF adm approval 2020-21 PDF icon1556 KB English
9. FAQ (AHIDF) PDF icon138 KB English
10. Press Note (AHIDF) PDF icon64.5 KB English
11. Marathi Guidelines for AHIDF PDF icon76.2 KB English
12. Model DPR of Feed_Plant PDF icon1.04 MB English
13. Model DPR of Milk Processing Unit PDF icon258 KB English
14. Model DPR of Silage Unit PDF icon1.5 MB English
15. Click here to watch AHIDF video
Youtube Video
16. Click here to watch AHIDF video
Youtube Video