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SELECT,d.district_name,d.district_code, t.name_eng,t.census_code , ((10*`ai`)/100)+((5*`cb`)/100)+((`aicb`*5)/100)+((7*`pd`)/100)+((8*`infertility`)/100)+((5*`castrations`)/100)+((15*`treatment`)/100)+((10*`operations_major`)/100)+((7*`operations_minor`)/100)+((10*`collection`)/100)+((20*`vac`)/100) as ranking FROM `sum_ranking` s,jos_regions r,jos_district d,jos_taluka t WHERE and s.dist_code =d.district_code and s.dist_code =t.district_id and s.tal_code=t.census_code and district_code='' and month = and year = 2010 order by ranking,name desc limit 0,3
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Lowest 3 Institutes of district

Region NameDistrict NameTaluka NameCorrective Action Taken
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