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Policy for generation of self employment

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Govt. of Maharashtra vide Resolution No.Sankirn-102002/2259/(54)/Adf-4, dated 30/5/2002have accorded sanction to a scheme for imparting training to educated unemployed youth in various streams of Animal Husbandry. This training is basically aimed at developing professional skills amongst the target groups for undertaking Animal Husbandry as profession and thereby generation of self-employment for them.

Thus, professional skill development training is being imparted by field Animal Husbandry staff, to the educated un-employed youth since this year. 2002-2003. The following important streams are covered under this training.

  1. Dairy cattle management
  2. Sheep and goat management
  3. Poultry management
  4. Duck rearing and management
  5. Rabbit keeping
  6. Piggery management
  7. Fodder production and proximate analysis of feed and fodder
  8. Technique of performing Artificial Insemination

To provide means of earning to the rural un-employment youth, Govt, Of Maharashtra vide Resolution No. Sankirna / 102002/2259/(54)/ADF-4 dated 17th may 2003 have accorded sanction for strengthening the Sahakari Seva Sanstha œ of the employed youth. The package of incentives for such Sansthas consists of the following items.

  1. Materials /Items which do not require higher technology in the manufacturing process should be purchased (minimum 25% of the total quantity) from such Seva Santhas by the field Animal Husbandry Institutions.
  2. Unskilled works (usually pertaining to the duty of Class IV employees) of the veterinary institutions be got done by availing service of unemployed persons (when the post of class IV is vacant as such institution) on contract basis from these "Seva Santhas".
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