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RKVY Feed & Fodder Development

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Under this scheme to strenghthen basic irrigation facilities and to produce fodder at farms the total 513 hectare land on the farms of corporation Padegaon dist. Aurangabad, Bilakhed dist Jalgaon, Ambejogai dist. Beed, Dahiwadi dist. Satara, Ranjani Dist. Sangli, Mukhed dist Nanded, Pohara dist. Amravati, Mahud dist. Solapur, Bondri dist. Nagpur is proposed for cultivation of legumes, grasses trees and shrubs. The following farm wise range land will be covered under cultivation for fodder production.

Sr. No.Name of Sheep & Goat Breeding farm Grassland Proposed (In hectare)
1 Ranjani, Dist: Sangali 200.00
2 Mahud, Dist: Solapur 100.00
3 Dahiwadi, Dist: Satara 4.00
4 Padegaon, Dist: Aurangabad 25.00
5 Bilakhed, Dist: Jalgaon 100.00
6 Ambajogai, Dsit: Beed 10.00
7 Mukhed, Dist: Nanded 4.00
8 Tirth, Dist: Osmanabad 10.00
9 Pohara, Dist: Amaravati 50.00
10 Bondri. Dist: Nagpur 10.00
Total 513.00
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