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Ensuring Quality of AI Services

बुधवार, 02 डिसेंबर 2009 05:37
शेवटचा बदल केलेला दिनांक बुधवार, 27 जानेवारी 2010 11:48
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  1. Quality of AI workers
    1. Close monitoring of AI services provided by inseminators will be introduced.
    2. No inseminator should be allowed to carry out AI unless he registers himself with any agency involved in providing breeding services, be it a government or co-operative or private.
    3. Any agency providing breeding services must have certain specified minimum facilities for storage and distribution of semen and liquid nitrogen as well as maintaining records about sources of semen used.
    4. All agencies must implement an AI monitoring system to review the performance of service provided by them.
    5. Knowledge updating in respect of advance AI technology and quality consciousness about the AI service delivery will be made mandatory and necessary Refresher Training Course will be made compulsory for all AI workers (in government / private / co-operative sector).
  2. Quality of Frozen Semen Doses.
    1. All agencies producing frozen semen doses shall be put under obligation to have sire selection programs by technically sound progeny testing for crossbred bulls for all levels of exotic inheritance and only semen of top selected bulls are used for inter-se mating of crossbred cows.
    2. All semen stations, whether they are with government, co-operatives or private agencies, must be registered with the government and they comply with the minimum standards of production specified by the Government of India. These laboratories should have ISO standards.
  3. Quality Standards for Manufacturing of Critical Inputs Frozen Semen Laboratories and Frozen Semen Production.
    1. Government of India has prescribed Minimum Standard Protocol (MSP) for frozen semen production. This will be adhered to under national project for cattle & buffalo breeding. The frozen semen production laboratories at Pune, Aurangabad and Nagpur (which are now under control of Maharashtra Livestock Development Board) will be strengthened with adoption of French-mini technology of frozen semen production.
  4. Bull Mother Farms and Production of Bulls
    1. The bull mother farms functioning under Maharashtra Livestock Development Board will also be strengthened by providing required quality inputs such as F.S. doses of desired standard, elite cows & bulls through procurement from within the country or through import from other countries, modernization of cattle sheds and augmentation in coverage of the available land for fodder production. In case of native breeds of cattle and buffalo the buy-back system of calf from breeder-farmers / breeder-association should be introduced to minimize the requirement of bull-mothers to be maintained at such farms.
  5. Introduction of Livestock (Development Regulation) Act.
    1. It is proposed to introduce Livestock (Development Regulation) Act for ensuring scientific intervention in genetic improvement of livestock and production of quality critical inputs for genetic up-gradation of livestock, enforcing good management practices in commercial farming of livestock and for taking care of issues relating to health, hygiene, disease control and prevention of animal cruelty.
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