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Breeding Policy for Poultry

बुधवार, 02 डिसेंबर 2009 05:34
शेवटचा बदल केलेला दिनांक बुधवार, 27 जानेवारी 2010 11:33
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  1. Breeding policy for poultry aims at increased production of eggs and poultry meat by increasing productivity of native poultry birds and introduction of new species of poultry birds.
  2. The Policy mainly covers chicken, Japanese Quail and Duck. Other species of poultry birds may continue to be bred by private sector initiatives.
  3. Breeding Policy for chicken breeds mainly covers the species suitable for back yard poultry and low investment poultry. Breeds for commercial poultry involve import of germplasm and parent line which will be determined by Government of India Policy in this regard and will continue to be carried out primarily by private sector initiatives.
  4. Considerable work has been done by ICAR Institutions such as CARI in cross-breeding indigenous chicken breeds with exotic breeds and thereby developing a new breed, where it is shown that both egg and meat production can be increased as compared to Desi / Indigenous stocks. However, these data are from the research farms. Some of the cross-breeds produced by ICAR Institutions have been supplied to back yard poultry units in States like AP, MP, Karnataka, Kerala etc. It will be desirable that the production performance and economics of production at these breeds is verified by the Department of Animal Husbandry of the State. Expert Committee headed by Additional Commissioner (livestock development) will identify public-sector breeds suitable for introduction in backyard poultry from time to time. At present the breeds developed by ICAR Institutions and recommended for the State by the said Expert Committee, such as , Giriraj, Vanraj and CARI-Nirbhik have been selected for the purpose of up-grading desi poultry birds. State owned Central Hatcheries shall maintain foundation stock of these selected breeds and take steps to make male birds, pullets, day-old chicks, hatching eggs etc available for breeding and multiplication at farmers end through their sales outlets and talukas level poultry farms etc.
  5. State will continue to supply crossbred stocks of improved breeds like RIR, Black Australorp for low investment commercial poultry. For this purpose, these types of stocks may also be maintained in the central hatcheries and poultry farms owned by State.
  6. State will continue to have Duck farm for supply of foundation stock of selected ducks breeds such as Khaki Campbell. Duck-fish farming shall also be tried in suitable areas.
  7. State will introduce Japanese quail also in production chain at one or more of its central hatcheries for distribution of breeding material. Suitable licensing system for farming of Japanese quail will be introduced to prevent killing of Indian Quail in violation of Wild-life Protection Act.
  8. Until validated information about breeds, breeding pattern, disease pattern, product development, market-development and economics etc are available and activity is found to be viable, other bird species such as Emu, Turkey and Ostrich etc. will be kept open largely for introduction by private sector initiative
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