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Other Schemes

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FMD-CP (Foot and Mouth Disease – Control Programme)

Foot and mouth disease – Control programme is started in the state of Maharashtra from the year 2003-04 with 100% assistance from Govt. of India. The Scheme is being implemented in the 5 districts of Maharashtra i.e. Pune, Satara, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Mumbai & 3 taluka's of Thane (Thane, Bhiwandi, Vasai) As per the norms of world trade organization, it is mandatory to export meat & meat products from FMD free animals. The FMD is a viral disease having economic importance hence the districts having more crossbred animals and progressive in animal husbandry activities are selected under this scheme by Government of India. The FMD control programme is monitored by collecting pre and post vaccinal sera samples from selected villages of each district.


  1. To create the FMD free zone in 5 districts of the State.
  2. To improve the health status of the animals by immunizing against FMD which will result to improve the production and working capacity of the animals.
  3. To increase the export of meat and meat products and also to increase in milk production.

NPRE (National Project on Rinderpest Eradication)

National Project on Rinderpest Eradication : In 8th Five Year Plan in State of Maharashrtra, total cattle, sheep & goat populatio was vaccinated against Rinderpest disease with 100% assistance from Govt. of India. The outbreak of Rinderpest disease was not recorded From the year 1999 in State of Maharashtra.

Under this scheme Govt. of India is releasing grants to carry out the surveillance programme in the State of Maharashtrra which includes the surveillance of records of treated animals in Veterinary Institutes, Village Surveillance & stock route surveillance.

ADMAS (Animal Disease Monitoring and Surveillance)

The ICAR is providing 100% assistance under this scheme, to forecast incidence of disease outbreaks in the state. The incidences of different disease outbreaks in the State as well as environmental conditions during that period are studied and accordingly forecasting of disease outbreaks are made. The information of such outbreaks are communicated to the field well in advance. Accordingly necessary preventive measures like vaccination, management, are made available. Indirectly he forecasting of outbreak is useful to the farmers from economic point of view.

WRDDL (Western Regional Disease Diagnostic Laboratory)

Govt. of India has recognized the Disease Investigation Section Pune as reference laboratory for the Western Region of the country. The states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgad, Goa, Diu-Daman & Dadara Nagar-Haveli along with Maharashtra are included in the western region of the country. Govt. of India is providing 100% assistance for working of this laboratory. The mandate of the laboratory is to provide referral services to the institutes in the western region of the country. Moreover, the officers working under different disease diagnostic Laboratories of these states are trained for new methods as well as advance techniques of disease diagnosis. For modernization of existing laboratory building as well as for purchase of required advance equipments, funds are made available from Govt. of India.

APEDA (Agricultural Product Export Development Agency)

Quality Control laboratory is situated at Goregaon, Mumbai 65. The objective of this institute is to test the Livestock products and by-products for biological, micro-biological, parasitological examinations, which are exported and issue the health certificates for the samples which are fit for export.

To increase and expand the export, it is necessary to test the meat and meat by-products as per the demand of importing country therefore, to upgrade the Quality control laboratory as per the GLP norms and ISO standards, APEDA (Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority) has sanctioned Rs.172.00 lakh for purchase of modern & advance instruments and equipments required for testing. The state Government has also approved Rs.245.26 lakh for the construction work of laboratory under up-gradation and modernization of laboratory.

Development of Grasslands including Grass Reserves (100% centrally Sponsored)
Development of grasslands including grass reserves scheme is implemented on 100% central assistance basis. Under this scheme, assistance up to Rs 5.50 Lakhs is given to government/ semi government organizations for 10 hector land and assistance up to Rs 10.00 Lakhs is given to private institutes for development of grasslands. Proposals are submitted to central government for sanction. After approval of the central government funds are released for government/ semi government organizations and private institutes for Development of Grasslands.

Establishment of Fodder Block Making Units. (25% centrally sponsored: 75 % state sponsored)
This scheme is implemented to provide balanced ration to livestock in normal conditions and in scarcity. Fodder Blocks are prepared from 40% fodder crop residues and 60% concentrated feed etc. Under this scheme, 100% subsidy up to Rs 85.00 lakh is given for Establishment of Fodder Block Making Units to government/ semi government organizations.

Distribution of Certified Fodder Seeds. (75% centrally sponsored: 25 % state sponsored)
This scheme is proposed to be implemented on 75% centrally sponsored & 25% state sponsored basis. Funds are proposed to be distributed to Agricultural Universities, where Certified Fodder Seeds will be produced. Certified Fodder Seeds produced will be distributed to farmers on 100% subsidy basis. Objective of this scheme is to supply Certified Fodder Seeds on 100% subsidy to farmers. This scheme is proposed to be implemented through District Deputy Commissioner of Animal Husbandry.

Assistance to State Poultry Farms.(80% centrally sponsored: 20% state sponsored)
This Scheme is implemented on 80 % central share and 20% state share basis. Under this scheme, four central hatcheries located at Aurangabad, Pune, Kolhapur & Nagpur are assisted along with the Duck Breeding Farm, Wadsa. As per the approved projects, civil work, machinery equipment, extension & training, marketing consultancy, purchase of poultry birds and provision of revolving fund is undertaken under this scheme. As per the mandate of the scheme, the assisted states are required to rear CARI approved breeds such as Giriraj, Vanraj, Kadaknath and Cari Nirbhik on the assisted farms, and day old chicks as well as hatching eggs are to be supplied to beneficiaries at field level.

Livestock Census (100% Central Sponsored Scheme)
This Scheme is implemented on 100% Central Share basis. Under this scheme, livestock census is carried out in the state for every five years. The reports of the census are tabulated & published accordingly and submitted to central government.

Strengthening of Integrated Sample Survey Scheme (50% Central Share: 50% State Share)
This Scheme is implemented on 50 % central share and 50% state share basis. Under this scheme, statistical information about milk, egg, wool and meat is collected in three different seasons of the year and is analyzed further and report is submitted to the Government by office of Integrated Sample Survey Scheme.

Preservation and conservation of threatened breeds of sheep and goat (100% Central Share)
This scheme is implemented on 100% Central Share basis. Under this scheme, funds are distributed for conservation & presentation of Madgyal breed of sheep. The rearing of males and females of this breed is carried out through Punyashlok Ahilyadevi Sheli & Mendhi Vikas Mahamandal, Pune.

NCDC National Co-operative Development Corporation NCDC (Share Capital), NCDC (Loan)
This scheme is envisaged for the poultry development through co-operative poultry keeping. Under this scheme, NCDC co-operative poultry farms undertaking layer farming are assisted. The components of assistance include civil work, machinery equipments, feed, mixing units etc.
The reimbursement NCDC loan and share capital is made to the state government after utilization of sanctioned amount and submission of progress report to NCDC.
The funding pattern of NCDC assisted co-operative poultry farm is as below
Loan from state government : 50%
Share Capital from State Govt. : 45%
Societies contribution : 05%


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