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National Project for Cattle and Buffalo Breeding

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National Project for Cattle and Buffalo Breeding Microplan Phase-II

(2007-08 to 2012-13)

Following shall be the schemes implemented by MLDB under NPCBB.

  • Production of high pedigree bulls by providing fundamental needs to livestock farms & strengthening them.
  • Modernization of frozen semen  laboratories at Pune, Aurangabad & Nagpur under the scheme of production, conservation & supply of frozen semen doses.
  • Purchases & operating of storage tanks/mobile tankers under the strengthening of LN2 storage & supply.
  • Development of management & information system by which farmers & farmer breeders shall have prompt access to livestock production & management.
  • Provide A.I. services to extend the livestock production programme using the help of unemployed veterinarians.
  • Provide two wheeler mobility to A.I.Centers, Doorstep A.I. Services to farmers.
  • Modern scientific training to to A.I. officers / workers to increase conceptom rate in cows / buffaloes.
  • Sponsoring NGOs for livestock production / production of F.S.doses / Training programme.
  • Funding BAIF Pune; Goshalas, Panjarapols  etc. to strengthen their F.S.Labs / Training facilities, livestock purchases etc.
  • Funding dairy co-operatives to increase livestock production facilities, farmers Training etc.


Govt. of India vide G.R. 3-22/2003 AHT (NPCBB) Agriculture ministry, Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi dt. 10.6.2004 sanctioned Rs. 17.20 crore to MLDB Akola for implementation of project on micro plan. Out of this 1st installment of Rs. 13.60 crore was received by MLDB under phase-I on dt. 24.10.2003 & 5.3.2006.  Rs. 13.60 crore were spent as per sanctioned plan of central Govt.

Rs. 2.5 crore were spent as per sanctioned items by central Govt. under micro plan –phase-2 during 2008-09. Similarly Rs. 161.40 lac were received from central Govt. during 2009-10 & were spent by October 2009 end as per sanctioned plan. Likewise Rs. 5.17 Crore are received from central Government under micro plan phase-2 in month of Jan 2010.  This fund shall be spent under the as per centrally sanctioned programme.

  • Goal
    • 80% breedable cows & buffalos will be brought under organized breeding activity.
    • Rural self employment to opportunities Vets,& Paravets.
    • Improved breedable indigenous cattle, buffalo & CB cows for their economic traits.
  • Financial Moto
    • To make SIA self sustaining.
      1. Grant in aid under NPCBB.
      2. Recycling receipts & development of corpus fund.
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