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ASCAD (Assistance to State to Control Animal Diseases)

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ASCAD scheme is implemented in the state of Maharashtra from the year 2004-05 with 75% central share and 25% state share. The components covered under this scheme are as fallows.

  1. Immunization against one identified disease i.e. FMD (75:25) :

    This is one of the major component of the Scheme Foot and Mouth Disease is a viral disease having economic importance hence state has identified this disease under this component. 90% cattle population is vaccinated to protect against the FMD. (except the State covered under FMD-CP) The grants released under this component is utilized to provide the vaccine and other allied component required for vaccination.

  2. Immunization against other economically important diseases (75:25) :

    The economically important Diseases like Haemorrhagic Septicemia, Black Quarter in cattle PPR & Enterotoxamia in Sheep and Goat, Ranikhet diseas in poultry is dentified under this component. The livestock population in the endemic area of the state is protected against these economically important diseases on priority basis by following the immunization which will help to improve the economic status of the farmers..

  3. Training programme/seminar (100%) :

    Govt. of India is providing 100% assistance for this component. The training is arranged for Vets & Para Vets to update their knowledge by providing the information regarding the incidence of disease outbreak, diagnosis, control measures & surveillance. Two workshops are organized under this component. The information regarding incidence of new emerging diseases like bird flu, Swine flu, Equine Influenza, their control and containment programme is being made available to the participants in these workshops.

  4. Strengthening and Modernization of Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (75:25) :

    In Maharashtra State, 5 Regional Disease Investigation Laboratories i.e. Pune, Aurangabad, Nashik, Akola, Chiplun play an important role in diagnosis of diseases. To modernize and strengthen these laboratories as per the GLP norms and also to provide modern diagnostic instruments & equipments for diagnosis of diseases. Govt. of India is providing funds on 75% sharing basis.

  5. Surveillance, Monitoring and forecasting (75:25) :

    a) This component is implemented through disease investigation section, Aundh, Pune-7. After the incidence of outbreaks of the disease, surveillance carried out in that area and the samples of blood smears, serum and tissues are sent to Disease Investigation Section for diagnosis. From the routine surveillance in certain areas and study of the geographical and climatic condition of those areas, the possibility of disease outbreaks is forecasted.

    b) State level bulletins including the information regarding the livestock diseases, diagnosis and control measures are published each year.

  6. Information and communication campaign and community participation (75:25) :

    Under this component the awareness camps at the block level and at the district level are arranged to create the awareness in the farmers and other people regarding animal diseases, diagnosis, control measures, vaccinations & policies of Government through posters, pamphlets etc.

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