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Policy for Removal of Regional Imbalance

बुधवार, 02 डिसेंबर 2009 07:54
शेवटचा बदल केलेला दिनांक सोमवार, 04 जानेवारी 2010 19:16
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The region-wise backlog of veterinary institutions, graduate manned veterinary institutions and frozen semen A.I. centers, as identified by the Dandekar committee was totally covered up by establishing required No. of institutions and converting the liquid semen A.I. centers into frozen semen A.I. centers by end of the year1990-1991. Later, the indicator and backlog committee constituted by Government of Maharashtra had identified the region- wise and sector- wise financial and physical backlog as on 31/3/1994 The backlog pertaining to the sector " Veterinary Services " was estimated at Rs4.49 crores. Govt. of Maharashtra have sanctioned funds for A.H. sector for removal of the stipulated backlog form the year 2001-02. New Veterinary Dispensaries have been sanctioned through this grant. 50 new veterinary dispensaries were sanctioned by Government of Maharashtra in the year 2003-2004 ; through the funds provided for removal of Backlog . Their recurring liability is being met out through plan grants in the X th Five Year Plan. Now, the remaining backlog of 220 Veterinary Dispensaries, is proposed to be removed till end of the financial year 2006-07.

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