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Breeding Policy for Sheep and Goat

बुधवार, 02 डिसेंबर 2009 05:33
शेवटचा बदल केलेला दिनांक मंगळवार, 18 मार्च 2014 06:38
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  1. Breeding policy for sheep and goat is primarily aimed at increased meat production and the same for sheep aims at wool production too for meeting local demand of wool.
  2. After considering results of on going experimental breeding efforts with germplasm found in other parts of India and also in foreign countries, Osmanabadi and Sangamneri breeds of goat and Deccani breeds of sheep are identified as germplasm for genetic up-gradation of non-descript breeds in respective species. Kanyal breed of goat, and Madgyal breed of sheep may be used for up-gradation of local non-descript goats and sheep in their breeding home tracts.
  3. Cross-breeding among sheep and goat is, at this stage, not found to be of much use and hence will be strictly prevented except for research purposes.
  4. Considering the low gestation period and reproductive life span in sheep and goat and also the other implications of artificial insemination technology in sheep and goat natural service will continue to be the strategy for genetic up-gradation in sheep and goat.
  5. Punyashloak Ahilaya Devi Sheli va Mendhi Vikas Mahamandal, Pune; shall be responsible to maintain farms for production of nucleus flocks of selected breeds; organize Breeder-Farmers and Breeder'™s Association for production of stock to be distributed under its programs and under its plan schemes by suitable strategy of buy back. It may act as supplier of nucleus flocks to such Breeder-Farmers and Breeder'™s Associations for multiplication.
  6. Punyashloak Ahilaya Devi Sheli va Mendhi Vikas Mahamandal, Pune; MAFSU Nagpur and Animal Science Division of State Agriculture Universities shall be the designated agencies responsible for conservation of native breeds of sheep and goat with element of public-sector investment.
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