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Breeding Policy for Buffaloes

बुधवार, 02 डिसेंबर 2009 05:32
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Target for Genetic Up-gradation: -

  1. Breeding Policy for buffalo is in consonance with National Project for Cattle & Buffalo Breeding (NPCBB)
  2. It aims at increased productivity of buffaloes by genetic improvement. However, it also aims at conservation of native breeds.
  3. In order to achieve self sufficiency in milk production it is aimed to achieve a level of 60% in respect of genetically improved buffaloes by end of year 2015 (instead of the year 2010 as envisaged under NPCBB due to delayed implementation of the said project in the state) and to further improve it to 80% by the end of year 2025.
  4. This is expected to be achieved through the consolidated and collective efforts of all the agencies engaged in buffalo breeding activity viz. State Animal Husbandry Department, Co-operative Milk Unions, NGOs, Private Sector Agencies and unorganized AI workers in the state.

Germplasm: -

Semen of Surati, Murrah , Mehsana, Zafarabadi, Pandharpuri and Nagpuri buffaloes will be used for genetic up-gradation of non-descript Buffaloes and also for performance- enhancement of descript buffalo-breeds.

Strategy: -

  1. Buffaloes of descript breeds (viz. Surati, Murrah , Mehsana, Zafarabadi, Pandharpuri & Nagpuri ) should be bred only with semen of bulls of respective breed.
  2. Non-descript buffaloes should be bred with germplasm of any one of the identified breeds except Mehsana & Jafarabadi. However, subsequent selective breeding will be aimed at increasing inheritance level of the first selected breed. For this, superior germplasm of respective breed of higher pedigreed bulls will be used.
  3. Conservation of Pandharpuri and Nagpuri buffaloes will be practiced especially in their home tracts and in other areas having similar geo-climatic conditions. These breeds will be used for up-grading non-descript buffaloes if demanded by owners.

Conservation of Indigenous Breeds of Buffaloes: -

  1. Pandharpuri and Nagpuri have been identified as two indigenous breeds of buffalo, which need to be protected and propagated.
  2. Suitable technology for breed identification shall be introduced and a team of properly trained man-power will be made available for this purpose with the help of National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR), Kaarnal, Haryana.
  3. The Breeder'™s Association will not only be encouraged to get involved in conservation of indigenous breeds but also will be allowed to function on principles of management under its articles of association.
  4. System of herd registration, suitably designed milk competition etc will be introduced to identify the high-yielder animals of indigenous breed and putting in place a suitable system of buy-back of pedigreed male-calves for developing them in to breeding bulls.
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