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This video is about making a Murghas

Murghas Production video 1 (109 MB) (MP4)

This video is about making bag and drum Murghas

Murghas Production in Bag and Drum Video 3 (47.5 MB) (MP4)

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Aims and Objectives

  • Genetic Improvement of Livestock by Scientific Intervention to bring about increase in productivity of Livestock in the existing farming system and conservation of Native Breeds
  • Livestock diseases prevention & control
  • To increase awareness amongst the rural masses regarding improved Animal Husbandry practices
  • To provide gainful self-employment to the weaker sections of the society in livestock sector
  • To create and maintain a "Disease Free Status" of major production areas so as to boost export of livestock products
  • In tune with aforesaid Aims, state Animal Husbandry Department has set forth following major Action Points.
  • To achieve level of 60% in Genetic Improvement of Cattle & Buffalo
  • To effectively control dreadful contagious diseases like PPR (Pestis Des Petits ruminants), Foot and Mouth disease, Brucellosis, Rabies,Haemorrhagic Septicaemia, Black Quarter in livestock as well as Ranikhet Disease, Salmonellosis in poultry
  • To provide effective and efficient health coverage to the livestock and poultry through existing network of veterinary institutions, covering both preventive and curative aspects
  • To bring about a balanced regional development in animal husbandry sector, amongst all the regions of State through implementation of special area specific programs and by means of need-based expansion and strengthening of the veterinary infrastructure
  • To organize Animal Health Camps, Work-Campaigns, Beneficiary-Training Programs as tools of extension
  • To update human resources of the department through various training and keep them highly motivated.
  • To encourage development and growth of Poultry industry in backyard poultry and self-help groups through the Co-operative initiative.
  • To coordinate and thus consolidate the work of Non-Government Organizations in Livestock Development and conservation of Native breeds of animals
  • To ensure availability of fodder for fulfillment of its requirement within the state
  • To ensure slaughter of disease-free 'Scheduled' animals for the sake of wholesome and hygienic meat production at the same time prevent the loss of useful and high genetic material as well as livestock wealth.
  • To ensure E-governance and concept of paperless office with necessary & fortified I-T support.
  • To ensure strict adherence to quality standards in the delivery of veterinary service and also in respect of the education in veterinary science, as per the mandate of Indian Veterinary Council Act 1984.